View Full Version : Jane's Slightly Bigger Nano (Biocube 29)

02-06-2015, 09:20 PM
After a year, it finally seems that Iíve got my JBJ 12 under control and algae free..so of course itís time for a bigger tank. Since Iím still in a rental condo I canít go full out, but Iíve got a used Oceanic Biocube 29 on the way which should be enough to keep me busy for the next little while!

The plan so far...
Oceanic Biocube 29
Stock pump & 1 koralia powerhead
Aquatic Life 115 Skimmer
Replace stock lighting with Radion XR15W Pro
Run Purigen and Chemipure Elite in back chamber
Will need to add some more rock and planning on purchasing a new sand bed

Stock from JBJ 12:
1 Catalina Goby (not ideal, I know)
1 Azure Damsel
1 Firefish
1 true perc clown

Pink Birds Nest
Highlighter and blue acro
Golden Torch
Candy Canes
Closed Brain coral
Open Brain

Future stocking plan:
Would love a Mandarin Dragonet
Cautiously introduce new partner in crime to the jerk known as Clyde the Clownfish
Want to build some fun SPS pillars up top and, with any luck, not kill them

CUC from JBJ 12:
2 Scarlet Hermits
2 Red tip Hermits
2 Dwarf Zebra Hermits
1 Halloween Hermit
3 Turbo snails + a ton of babies
1 Nassarius Snail
1 Astraea turbo Snail
1 Pincushion Urchin

To Do List:
Order/Build something to stop fish jumping into back chambers
Order/Build media rack- why on earth are these so expensive online :P

First Question: Should I be a patient little reefkeeper and cycle the 29 before I move everything over, or should I do the move all in one day and count on the water and live rock from my 12 to be enough to prevent a full cycle from taking place? Iím leaning toward a full cycle on the 29 first and Iím sure my roommate will just love having an extra tank kicking around for a month or so..

Second Question: The 29 came with a UV SterilizerÖ.should I use it?

Third Question: Suggestions on how many of what I should add to my CUC for the bigger tank?

Fourth Question: Anything I should be doing during set up to plan for Dragonet ownership? Eventually Iíll seed pods and keep some chaeto in the back chamber, but ultimately Iím only going to purchase one if itíll eat frozen.

Fifth question: One of the main reasons Iím excited for this bigger tank is that I can fit my skimmer in it and hopefully get some better color out of my SPS.. so once Iím skimming should I be considering biopellets as well?

Sixth Question: Lighting (1 Radion XR15) Ė Slightly concerned that sticking this inside the stock hood will be far too close to the water surface and I know Iíd like more light spread than this Ė Suggestions?

Any and all other suggestions are welcome!