View Full Version : VAHS Special guest speaker at the Feb.11th mtg.

01-26-2015, 03:14 PM
Click here> http://www.vahs.ca/2015/01/25/vahs-february-11-2015-meeting/

Location: Bonsor community complex, 6550 Bonsor Ave. room 2, second floor
Time: 7pm
Hope to see you there. :smile:

The Guy
01-26-2015, 03:22 PM
Awesome,everyone knows Jeff and he's got lots knowledge in fish keeping, equipment use etc. etc. etc.
I'll be there for sure.

01-26-2015, 05:57 PM
This is great. Looking forward to hearing Jeff from J&L speak at the meeting. Count me in as well.

01-27-2015, 02:28 PM
bump...............don't miss this meeting.

02-05-2015, 02:41 PM
reminder bump ....................

02-06-2015, 04:13 PM
Fish ,plants,coral & equipment mini auction at the end of all meetings, come out and check it out.

02-09-2015, 07:48 PM
OK all you salty's come on out cause you know there's going to be a lot salt water talk with Jeff there.

02-10-2015, 04:26 AM
OK, I need a couple more crazy reefers to help me carry Jeff out of the meeting room on our shoulders after the meeting. :wink:

The Guy
02-10-2015, 02:41 PM
LOL ! Anthony your funny man. :silly: Ha Ha

02-11-2015, 06:37 PM
hope to see you there.