View Full Version : 25 gal bowfront Nano

01-20-2015, 10:21 PM
Well Im making a slow entrance back into Reefing since my last shutdown. I finally went with the beg for forgiveness route with the old lady after the ask for permission route went south lol. Ive ended up with a 25-29 gal bowfront. Im looking for a skimmer and wave maker pump thats silent. The biggest complaint the wife had with my tanks was the noise. Pumps skimmer lights powerheads etc. Im looking for a skimmer and a wave maker (tunze-jebao-vortech) and a small hob skimmer. Any suggestions? Ive had the vortech mp10 and she complained about that so its out of the question......

The thought of new girlfriend has already been taken into consideration lol :mrgreen:

That being said most of the tanks I had were in excess of 100 gal display and 40 gal sumps