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01-03-2015, 04:50 AM
Just thinking at this point. But I may want to set up my 10 that is empty right now with FOWLR. No room to go bigger as both my stands are for 10 gal only.Plus I am not wanting to buy another tank.

Years ago when I started in the hobby the 10 gal was my first tank. Since then I have kept a 5 gal reef and mainly a 3 gal reef both pico tanks with some corals.

With the 10 gal I am not wanting any corals, just want to enjoy the beauty of some fish with rock.

Some of the types of fish that have been recommended to me to choose from are:

True Perc Clownfish
Royal Gramma Basslett
Yellow Striped Cardinal
Possum Wrasse

I have a green clown goby and a large blue porcelain crab at the moment I would like to add to this tank if I do indeed follow through with it. Would they be okay with any of these fish?

Any other fish recommendations?? Looking for something colorful and nice to watch as its in our livingroom.

Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.