View Full Version : New nano tank!

12-19-2014, 06:07 PM
Well I am tearing down my old nano tank because im getting slightly bored of it, and found a much cooler looking tank. So I picked up a mr. aqua 12 gallon long tank, Rough dimensions are 36x8x9 ish.
Im going to try and have it as minimilistic as possible, we will see if it works though, No sump No skimmer No mechanical filtration of any kind. Just sand and rock.
Ive ordered 10 pounds of dry rock, to go with my existing 7 pounds of live in my current nano, and also picked up a 20 pound bag of black carrib sea sand.
For lights I've decided to go with 3 par 38 pendant bulbs, 21 watts each, 3 white 2 green and 2 blue is the ratio.
The tank will be mostly zoa's. I may bring over a couple frags from the main tank to try some sps in it, But we will see!
Anyone have any other ideas for it? Maybe a fish that would look good in it.
Ill post some pictures after Christmas... My girlfriend wrapped the tank on me...