View Full Version : LF people for tank move tomorrow for beer/pizza

11-21-2014, 05:31 PM
I know this is pretty last minute, but would anyone be interested in helping out a tank move tomorrow morning? You will be rewarded with beer and pizza :)

Tank is at Burnaby and my place is near Coquitlam Centre. No stairs (ground floor at tank owner's, and ground floor at my apartment). I have a dolly.

Tank is 90 gallon and a 3' wooden stand and a 30 gal sump, plumbing, hanging lights, etc. There will be takedown, removal of livestock/rocks, moving back into my apartment, get it all set up. I assume it'll take 5-6 hours?

If you have a vehicle for some storage space that would be even sweeter. I'll pay back gas.

Please PM me any time today and I'll get back to you.