View Full Version : Hatching Clownfish Eggs

10-25-2014, 06:41 PM
This will be our first time trying to hatch platinum clownfish eggs.

We picked up a batch of eggs from a friend and are going to try our luck with hatching them.

We've currently got them set up in a 20G tank in a terracotta pot. An aerator on a light-moderate flow is bubbling on them to keep them moving and free from any fungi. Today is day 2 since they were laid and so far so good. Temp is hovering at 79-80F and we've got just a regular pendant lamp on the tank atm.

Anyone else hatched a batch successfully using an aerator? (without the parents present). We know usually the eggs should stay with the parents until right before they hatch but thought it would be interesting to try it out this way.

Any tips or tricks from anyone?

We're culturing our own rotifers and phytoplankton so it will be ready once they have hatched as well.