View Full Version : New led fixture for my nano

10-06-2014, 03:05 AM
non controllable
45watts of led total
"full spectrum"
housing is only half finished (needs sides, wires cleaned up, end of the mounting piece capped, and a coat of paint)


i will be running a the same combo of leds on my other tank but 5 times as many and they will all be controllable on 5 channels along with 4 t5ho bulbs

the main reason for building this was to test to see how it looked over a tank

before everybody says its to much light for a 7 gallon tank, ive only increased the wattage by 5watts from what was on there before, and well this one is 6" higher above the tank... :mrgreen:

still might swap one of the white leds for another uv led tho as i want slightly less white

tang daddy
10-16-2014, 05:13 PM
Is that an IM skimmer? What model is it and how do you find it for work load?

10-17-2014, 02:57 AM
Swc skimmer, pos, likes to get the wall behind my tank wet