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09-15-2014, 03:19 PM
Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if the Majano Wand can be bought in Canada or do I have to order from States.



09-15-2014, 04:05 PM
They're pretty easy to make yourself. They do work but, a syringe full of muriatic acid is the best and very cheap. And to answer your question I have not seen them for sale in Canada

09-15-2014, 04:19 PM
can't remember where I got mine from. I found it killed about 1 in every 5-8 majanos. For the price I thought it was a rip off. I ended up killing mine with a solution of sodium hydroxide and bought a filefish for the ones I couldn't reach. Both worked like a charm.

09-15-2014, 04:40 PM
I did pick up a File Fish he won't even look at them. Just another mouth to feed. I should not say that I real like him I'm glad I got him. I have a couple of Peppermint Shrimp they won't touch them either.


09-15-2014, 07:20 PM
My LFS has them. He brought them in from US. He doesn't do a lot of shipping but I'm sure if you asked he would give you a price. www.ajspets.com

Hope that helps.

09-15-2014, 09:54 PM
My File fish took care of all of mine, great fish guess its hit or miss.

09-16-2014, 06:33 AM
My file fish will/does take care of majanos,,,,, unfortunately, I can't keep it in either dt, as it will also decimate zoas.
I have it in the smaller tank & place rocks/shells with majanos in there.

09-17-2014, 09:02 PM
I made one. It only works when your aim is dead on. They are quick and easy to make after a trip to both the hardware store and the sewing store, or dollar store.

Something took care of all of them in my tank, but I don't know who for sure. Money though is on a juvi. emperor angel I have.

09-18-2014, 05:08 AM
I had just one on a very robust/thick pink montipora 'slab'. I scraped it of with a razor - very, very carefully.

The coral is doing fine and no more majano's.