View Full Version : Sarah's 320G FOWLR Tank

09-11-2014, 07:57 PM
Hey guys, Ill add tank pics soon, Ive got a 320g with a 90g sump.
At the moment I have the following:
- 1 6-7"Fox face
- 2 5-7"Blue hippos
- 1 11" Snow flake eel (very gentle and sweet)
- 1 Yellow Tang
- 1 6-7"Clown Tang
- 1 3" Dog face puffer
- 1 4"Sail fin tang

What I would like to add to the tank:
- 1 Majestic angel (<2)
- 1 Blue face angel (<2)
- 1 Emperor angel (<2)
- 1 Porcupine puffer (a babbbby one =) )
- 1 Clown trigger (<2)

and maybe....a Harlequin tusk...

Thoughts or concerns on the stock? Should I grow out all the new baby stock in a different tank (after QT) and then transfer them into the 320g?
Ill most likely get a larger tank a couple years down the road, so im not worried about them when they get bigger. At the moment water changes are planned for once every two weeks. If the new stock are added in then once a week.

Also side note, got 18 clowns from Timbits!! Thanks a bunch, they are sooo cute! All doing amazing in their own tank and eating like champions.
Having second thoughts on adding a clown pair (when adult sized) in the fowlr tank as I am scared they might get eaten ...so they will be in their own seperate tanks (most likely going to start a ZOA tank with the black ice clowns.).

The tank is connected to a 90g Sump with a reef octopus octx 300 in it (just borrowwing) that has a pvc overflow coming from the tank into it.