View Full Version : Tunze DOC Comline 9004 assistance...

08-26-2014, 06:25 AM
I hope I have this in the right area..
I purchased a new to me (aka used) Tunze 9004 skimmer for my 55gal which is not drilled. I had noticed the first few days it was skimming ok (really wet, but with earl grey tea like coloration) however the collection cup would fill up really fast....like within 30 mins. I followed the instructions to allow it to run fully open, then closed and then adjust the air screw slightly. a few months down the road still fills really fast. collection cup now fills with almost clear water (although a lot of dark gunk on sides/top of cup) in as little time as it takes to scrape the alge off my glass up to about 15 mins. The bubbling from the overflowing bubbles on the top has now damaged the drywall behind the tank at the level of the skimmer. Unplugged the skimmer and let tank run for a few days, then plugged it in and reran the skimmer again following the dial in instructions in the manual.
The water line is just a few mm above the surface skim cover, and had it has high as halfway up the surface cover...again no changes to reduction of watery skim mate. Does anyone have any suggestions to how I can get this bad boy to skim a little better and not need to be emptied nearly as often?? Starting to upset the hubby who now has to repair the drywall behind the tank..oops.
I have about 60lbs live rock, a DSB, with 3 long spine cardinal fish, a fire fish, sand sifting goby, a skunk cleaner shrimp, and a peppermint shrimp with a handful of trochu snails. As for corals have a hammer, frogspawn, a small acan, medium birds nest, green trumpet, a few toadstool leathers a bunch of different mushrooms, a few others I can't remember the name of as well. I run a 4 stage canister filter with UV.