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08-10-2014, 05:11 AM
Hello. I have a 90 gallon saltwater tank that currently has only 4 fish in it and the sad remains of a reef that didn't work out. I want to change it over to a FOWLR tank but would like some advice on whether the fish I am picking will work out together or to avoid some of them.

The existing fish are 2 pajama cardinals, 1 striped sailfin tang and a blue tang.

The fish I think I am interested in are as follows:
Bass (Chalk)
Dottyback (Sunrise, Orchid, Royal Gramma)
Cardinal (Bangaii)
Butterfly (Kleinís)
Angel (Coral Beauty, Flame)
Chromis (Green or blue?)
Wrasse (Carpenterís Flasher)
Blenny (Convict, Bi-colour, Midas Yellow)
Dragonet (Mandarin Green)
Goby (Randallís, Yellow Watchman, Sharknose, Neon)
Lionfish (Volitan Black)

The aim for the tank is a peaceful tank that won't give us problems as the fish get bigger. I would like a school of fish and was thinking of the Chromis for that.

Any advice would be appreciated! I'm not sure if there are too many fish listed here to fit a 90 gallon tank without overcrowding. Thanks!

08-10-2014, 05:47 AM
I would not do chromis. As far as schooling fish chalk bass are amazing little schoolers.
Dotty backs get evil harassing all the other fish.
Lion fish isn't a good choice due to the fact that it we'll eat anything it can half fit into its mouth.
Dwarf lion fish would be okay.
Fu Manchu Lionfish (Dendrochirus biocellatus)
Would be the lion fish I would go for.
Or try a niger trigger
Maybe even a snowflake eel
Klein butterfly fish are pretty when they are younger but when they get into there adult stage they loose a lot of color.
I find raccoon or aurgia butterfly a little bit hardy also.

08-10-2014, 05:52 AM
Your lionfish is a bit out of place if you want to keep smaller fish :D

Also, basically nothing schools in SW except for a few cardinals, some anthias (debatable from species to species) and some micro dartfish. Outside of that, everything gets territorial and you end up with 1-2 big fish out of the pack.

What did you want the main focus of the tank to be? A few big showy fish? Predators? etc, etc

08-10-2014, 06:03 AM
My aim is for a colourful tank that can survive beginner goofs. I would like a couple of larger fish (have 2 already) but with a bunch of smaller fish to fill it out. It's a bit overwhelming with the number of choices out there and just a couple of books for info but I don't want to end up with a pretty fish that was nice as a juvenile and turns into a terror when it matures (had that already with bad results). I'm not sure how many of each fish to get either (i.e. will a couple of different gobies get along if they have space). Thanks for the help.

08-10-2014, 07:54 PM
Check out the fish you want on liveaquaria.com, lots of good info there.