View Full Version : Protein skimmer for a pond

07-27-2014, 04:40 PM
Hey does anyone in C-town have an old external protein skimmer they're not using anymore? I'm looking for something I can plumb in to my water feature to combat the foam that develops in the bottom basin from the water fall. The filter keeps the water clear, but I think it's building up DOC's that aren't getting broken down by a regular pond filter. I took the skimmer from my tank out there for a bit and it didn't make super tiny bubbles (freshwater and all), but it definitely helped being down the foam over 24 hours.

I need something a little more permanent, but it's not a big enough problem to justify a new 600 skimmer. Or even a decent skimmer. Or even a skimmer one would think anyone would want to buy from them.