View Full Version : SunSun HW-402B Canister Filter w/UV

07-23-2014, 06:27 AM
After a disastrous run with Fluval 106, which ended up flooding the hardwood floors, I decided to go looking for a reasonably priced canister filter. I reviewed all the locally available filters, the prices and the reviews online. Price was the deciding factor, for the most part. I had been without a proper filter (only a cheapo in-aquarium) that showed in poor water clarity and quality. I decided on getting a Sunsun canister filter on ebay which I had free shipped to a friend in Washington state.

Upon receiving the box, the first thing I notice is that they refer to it as an "Outside Filter" on the box in big letters. "Touch the Perfection" in Frigidaire font slashed across the front. The mangled english doesn't stop there and continues in the 1/2 page manual. Their webpage is just as bad. The filter itself is a good size, larger than the Fluval 106, and seems quite solidly built. One must take great care in moving around the top of the filter with the glass UV cover attached to the bottom. I like the double set of clamps that ensure the top is firmly attached to the bottom and sealed. The trays all have a hole in them for the UV to go through the 3 trays. It came with only sponge pieces but I did have some left over Fluval stuff to fill it up. There's quite a bit of room in the trays and the handle makes it relatively easy to lift out but are not the most durable so caution in removing or replacing using the tray handles. It took a while to prime and get all the air out of the filter. I felt the durability was superior to Fluvals in the hose attachments and overall plastic strength of the walls.

The flow rate is stated at 265 GPH (1000L/hr) but I kinda doubt that. It seems the same as the Fluval 106. It's rated for up to 75 gallons but I used it on my little 20 gallon and had a bit of fiddling with the pieces so that the uptake wasn't in the substrate and the return spray bar was shortened for the end glass of the tank. Within 12 hours the water was crystal clear. It runs very quietly with the UV light visible through the glass piece on the top. Considering it is around the $50+ mark, I'd say it was a great deal and exactly what I was looking for. Several people online have commented that Sunsun, Aquatop and Marineland are one of the same but slightly different. I can't say but, from the images online, they do have many similarities. As I only installed this a few days ago, I'm happy so far but only time will tell how it works in the long run.

The Seahorses, corals and gobies are happy so I am too. Next is a new LED.