View Full Version : finally got a picture of one of my original hitch hikers

06-03-2014, 07:02 AM
Finally managed after 9 months to finally snap a picture of this crab or at least part of it I haven't tried to remove him because it has left everything alone so far it is a hitchhiker from a friends rock way back when I started up the big tank I just have never been able to get a picture before.

The crab has the standard flat oval body, the legs have several white horizontal stripes on each one, both claws appear to be similar in size and it doesn't appear to be hairy per se it is approx. about and inch and a half in width

As I said it hasn't been an issue but if anybody has an idea of what it is I'd be grateful

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v447/Dearth01/032_zps7ffb583c.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Dearth01/media/032_zps7ffb583c.jpg.html)

06-04-2014, 05:16 PM
I ended up with two almost exactly like that. I have found their molts around my sand in the morning, but have seen them filter feed. We "identified" them as porcelain crabs. They're a pale blue/green colour with pink or white under their big claws. Very shy, but I can see their fans moving around during feeding time.

Yesterday evening, (sorry to go off on a tangent) I was looking around my rocks and I guess one of them has relocated and has gotten quite huge. Scared the crap out of me when it moved. With its claws and all, it is about the size of a loonie now, though its body is still relatively small.