View Full Version : 65 gallon custom aquarium everything included

04-25-2014, 01:52 AM
Askimg 1400 obo
Located in strathmore

I have a 65 gallon custom aquarium for sale. Family growing and need a second vehicle.
Tank comes with, oak stand, 6 bulb t5 tek light fixture with 6 korallen zucht bulbs.

Eshopps sump
Hydor performer skimmer
2 koralia 850 gph power heads and controller
2 koralia 425 gph powerheads
Almost brand new aqueon return pump 650gph
Auto top off.
Food (frozen and flake)

Lots of hard and soft coral.

Frags (with awesome growth, overgrowing frag plugs)

Red plating monti
Purple green plating monti
Different acros, green, purple bonsai, one beautiful sky blue acro colony)
Hollywood stunner chalice, red chalice, lots of mushrooms(red,purple,green,brown)
Birds of paradise frag, birdsnest frag
Many many different types of zoanthids in here. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens muticolored etc.

Large candy cane colony.

Different types of xenia, pulsing.. pom pom. Etc.

Hammer coral, bubble coral, 2 small green bubble tip anemones.

Clean up crew, 2 chromis, wrasse, hybrid clown( perculaXsnowflake)yellow tang

1 large resued hydnopora that was bleached but coming back very well since being in this system.

About 70-80 lbs of live rock. Very healthy established system.