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04-19-2014, 08:18 PM
Hi everyone! I'd like to invite you all to the Ottawa Frag Swap! See details below and PM me for sign up! Its free and you're all welcome!! :)

Here is more info about the swap :)

FRAG SWAP hosted by OVAS!

April 28, 2014, 8PM
At the Tom Brown Arena in Ottawa

For those who are interested, please arrive early to listen to the talk by fellow Frank Aguirre, President of Acuaprof. Setup and OVAS votes starts at 6:30 and talk starts around 7.

How does the swap work?
You bring 2 or 4 frags. Place them on the swap table according to its type (there will be a softies, LPS and SPS section on the table). We will put your name into a draw with all other swappers. We will draw names out and separate swapper into groups of 5 swappers. If there are 15 swappers, there will be 3 groups. The first 5 swappers to be picked out of the draw will be part of group A, the swappers 6-10 picked out of the draw will be group B and 11-15 group C. Group A will get first pick of frags and will have 5-10 mins to chose 1 or 2 frags (depending on whether they put 2 or 4 frags on the swapping table), then, Group B will have 5-10 mins to chose their frags and lastly group C will have 5-10 mins to chose their frags. On the second round, Group C will have first choice, group B will have second choice and Group A will have the last choice. We believe this makes it fair for everyone.

How do I sign up to the swap?
Just private message Snowgrrl83 here on OVAS or Marie-France Noel on Facebook. We need you to sign up at least 24 hours prior to the swap. Please inform me with your name, whether you will be bringing your own frags or whether you will require to purchase frags in order to participate to the swap. Please indicate whether you plan on bringing/purchasing 2 or 4 frags. Also, notify us if you have any additional frags that you could sell to those who would like to purchase frags for the swap.

If I sell any frags to fragless swappers, do I keep the money?
Yes, you keep 100% of the cash you collect from the frags you sell for $10 to swappers that arrive without frags. Please try and bring a variety of different types of frags to sell. It would be great to see a variety of specimens to pick fromů!

How many frags do I bring?
You may bring 2 or 4 frags to swap and any additional frags that you may want to sell for the price of $10 to those also interested in swapping, but that do not have any frags of their own. Please ensure that your frags are healed. We recommend that the frags be broken off the colony at least 2 weeks prior to the swap for proper healing.

What if I do not have my own frags?
Do not worry. Some swappers and hobbyists will most likely have additional frags that they would like to sell. We are restricting the price of the frags for sale for the purpose of the swap at $10. Keep in mind that you may not end up with that particular frag, as it is going into the swap with the rest of the frags.

How big do my frags have to be?
We recommend at least a 1 inch frag for SPS or at least 1 head/polyp for LPS, mushroom, zoas. Please frag 2 weeks prior to the swap for proper healing of the frag and reduced chances of mortality.

What if I catch a nasty invasive from the swap?
The swap is not responsible for any disease or invasive pest that your tank may contract due to adding new livestock to the tank. We highly recommend that you dip your corals with an appropriate dip and closely examine and quaratine the frag before adding to your display.

Will you have a tank to display the frags?
NO. Your frags should be brought in their own individual clear Tupperware or deli container. If you do not have clear deli containers to display your frag, clear plastic bags may also be acceptable.

Do I need an OVAS membership to participate?
No. This event is free. However, keep in mind that OVAS is curteous enough to host this event for us.