View Full Version : suggestions for a 29 bio cube

Coral Hoarder
03-30-2014, 05:18 AM
Any suggestions looking to light the tank with LEDs
My budget is 180 im looking at par 38s
Kessle and the smallest ever grow fixture so far any one know a good sourse

Coral Hoarder
04-01-2014, 04:52 AM
any one ???

04-01-2014, 04:56 AM
Reef supply canada for evergrow. Believe these is a 5% discount for Canreef members

05-13-2014, 03:37 AM
I have a current usa orbit marine on my biocube and I love it.....definitely not high light but doin frogspawn, zoas and candy canes nicely. plus the built in timer is a nice touch. my 2 cents if your still looking.