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03-29-2014, 03:18 PM
Hi all,

I am moving into the girlfriends townhouse and previously my 75 gallon was on the ground floor apartment on a concrete slab. Now I have a 93 gallon cube and the tank has to go on the 1st floor (one up from ground) and I'm a bit nervous about the weight. I have it against a wall between two townhomes.

The last thing I want/need is a sagging floor and a leaky tank.

Should I be worried? The townhouse is 3 years old.

Thanks for any advice.


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Reef Pilot
03-29-2014, 03:32 PM
93 g is not that big, so can't imagine that you should have a problem. You, and your gf,... haha,... could try jumping on that spot to see if there is any movement...

Don't know if you can tell, but it depends also which way the joists run underneath. If they are perpendicular to the wall, the load would be spread over at least a couple joists, and there would be a very short moment arm (from the wall) as compared to the middle of the floor or an unsupported area of the joists.

03-29-2014, 04:00 PM
with adjoining townhouses your main support would be between them and the joists running the shortest distance.you should have no problem

03-29-2014, 04:31 PM
As long as you span multiple joists you will be fine. Just dont put it against a wall where the length of the tank is running with the length of the joists

03-29-2014, 06:44 PM
Your tank is 90g cube that means 28"x28x28. The joists are usually 12" away from each other. For a better support, you have to know where the joists exactly are so you could put your tank on three joists. Otherwise it will be on only two, that's not good at all. "you have to" because your tank is "heavier " for each joist than the 240g 96"x24x24.

03-29-2014, 06:51 PM
I have my 75 gallon and 15 gallon sump in my condo on the second floor. Haven't seemed to have any problems. My building is about 3 years old as well.

03-29-2014, 08:11 PM
My company has done hundreds of townhomes in Langley in the last 10 years. They all have pretty much the same design. I'm guessing there is a single garage, entry, mechanical room/closet and maybe a bonus room on the ground. Second floor has kitchen, dining, family room and a w/c. If this is the case then your floor joists run perpendicular to your partition (party) wall. Joists will be 12" apart for sure. There will also be several engineered beams as well. This design will hold the weight no problem, but depending on how close you can get to a engineered beam, the tank my wiggle a bit when you walk past. If you have a stainless natural gas BBQ box then we did the complex for sure. Hope this helps.