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03-12-2014, 05:55 PM
Good morning everyone,

I was looking at my sad little birdsnest frag this morning, contemplating how I could get it higher in the tank since my aquascape only reached the midpoint. Then I thought maybe I could attach it to the back wall.

So has anyone tried attaching frags to the wall and growing colonies like that? Got any pictures?!:mrgreen:

03-12-2014, 06:10 PM
I have seen it done before. A lot of people use magnetic frag plugs.


03-12-2014, 06:16 PM
I've seen it a bunch of times. Just glue it to wherever you want it and providing its happy where you put it, it will encrust

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03-12-2014, 06:19 PM
I have all sorts of stuff glued in weird places. You can easily glue stuff to the glass. I had as torch, hammer and frogspawn on the glass before to get the out of the way. Certain corals will even start to grow on the glass on there own. very easy to do.

03-12-2014, 09:32 PM
old pic but just used putty to attach to plate to overflow


03-13-2014, 02:06 PM
I'm gonna be glueing a blue acro frag to the glass this weekend. On the back wall, and hoping that it takes over. I love the look of the purple coraline that I have on the back, but thought this would add a nice contrast... Glue it my friend!!!!