View Full Version : Where can I buy a replacement drain plug for skimmer cup?

02-06-2014, 11:23 PM
Hi all,

Whilst cleaning my skimmer cup earlier I lost the drain plug (the little rubber bung) down the drain in the sink.

Does anywhere know where I could buy a spare? Its a reef octopus skimmer and they have them on their website for $3 but I'd rather pick one up locally if possible than order it online and wait forever.

Thanks for your help,

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02-06-2014, 11:27 PM
I'll see if I have one laying around

02-07-2014, 12:21 AM
Nice one thanks.

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02-07-2014, 02:28 AM
I lost mine a while ago, using one of those wood plug things used to fill screw holes. Works great, got a pack of 10 so I can change or replace. Works in a pinch.

02-07-2014, 02:52 AM
Y not put a hose and valve on it

02-07-2014, 03:25 AM
Duncan, what is the diameter of one of those plugs?

02-07-2014, 07:01 AM
Wood plug thing is a genius idea. I'll head to home depot tomorrow and get some.

Thank you

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02-07-2014, 08:37 AM
I super glued mine

02-07-2014, 01:11 PM
Use an ear plug

02-07-2014, 02:33 PM
Why not just disconnect the trap and retrieve the plug? That'll work if you haven't flushed it away already.