View Full Version : Trip to J&L from the Okanagan

01-30-2014, 07:12 PM
Hi folks,

I'm very new here but despite this wanted to let you know
that I'm driving to the coast next week on business and will make
a point of stopping at J&L (need some salt and other goodies).

I'm therefore offering to bring back the odd thing for fellow reefers.
I don't mind the extra bucket of salt or even small sump but a display
tank is probably a bit much for my rental car! I'm located in Penticton
so pickup would be here or I don't mind dropping it off during an odd
trip to Kelowna (obviously, live stock is a problem with this plan).
FYI, my trip timing next week is not 100% firmed up and could change.

Anyway, just shoot a PM via this board and we'll see if this can work.