View Full Version : Waveline DC12000 reviews

11-28-2013, 02:06 PM
been out for awhile and reviews? Okay external, quieter than a Dart?

11-28-2013, 06:59 PM
Way quieter. The few that have come and gone have all had great reviews.

11-28-2013, 09:25 PM
I can share some information and thoughts but I've been running it for a few weeks so too early to say if this pump will be more reliable than previous versions. I'm just going to basically compare to previous version DC10000.


1.5" intake and 1.25" output both thread better onto standard fittings
Power supply is 1000x better although it's quite large
Controller connection from power supply has changed to same as connector from pump to controller eliminating the arching that previously occurred.
Flow rate is substantially higher than DC10000, I run the DC12000 in place of two DC10000 that use to run in parallel and flowrate is comparable. I don't believe the DC10000 was anywhere near it's flow rating, the DC12000 however seems more accurate.
Controller has more speeds
Future controller upgrade, nice to think about if it ever happens


Pump noise is similar sounding but louder than the DC10000, kind of to be expected with the higher flowrate.
The pump itself looks like it may have identical motor and previous or atleast similar design. I've had two actual pumps fail within a year of use (one speedwave & one waveline) so I'm hoping the upgrades continued to the pump internals as well but time will tell I guess.
Low vibration, pretty much nill. You can hard plumb it without issue, the only noise you really get is the pump wine which can't be removed unless speed is reduced.

Potential Flaws or Things to Note:

While flow rate has increased so has power consumption, by almost double.
Controller has built in fan which sounds like a good idea but even with fan the controller runs pretty hot so potential issue there.
Biggest complaint is the noise of the fan on the controller, it's pretty load, loader than the pump so the somewhat quite pump noise is lost due to the load fan.
Also a little annoying is the mounting brackets on the controller suggest you would mount directly to a surface yet you need spacers to provide a gap behind it for airflow.

Overall for $300 it's good value provided it lasts. I'm hoping the second gen won't be as problematic as the first.