View Full Version : Dc8 powerbar configuration

10-05-2013, 05:02 AM
Got controller hooked up and programmed but lights are not repo ding as to program

I'm thinking I have plug configuration wrong

Can any one tell me the layout

10-05-2013, 04:56 PM
Left to right, top then bottom
1,2,3,5,6,7 are the electronic ones
4 and 8, top and bottom on right side are the relay ones

WHen looking in the Apex outlet config, they are ordered and the numbers in brackets will tell you. usually the first DC8 will be unit 3 but may be ditterent. The outlent number will be (3,1) (3,2) (3,3) etc. the first number is the DC8 Module ID, the second number is the outlet number

10-05-2013, 05:01 PM
I thought that I have have had my light on wrong plug as it kept turning on after timers outage.

Turned out there was two times for light on on ao1 but one off

I think I got it know

10-05-2013, 05:05 PM
Great! The programming can get a little tricky, Best I found is to write everything down when making the programs. Then you can reference your paper when programming other outlets as to not run into overlaps and other issues.